Sigi And Michael Tighe started their restaurant career together at Deales Restaurant opposite the  Diagonal street stock exchange in 1990, since then they have been involved in a number of restaurant  start-ups opening both  Michelos and Burger Box both being successful operations. They then sold Michelos in 2009 to try a new venture called Cafe Monroe in Norwood Mall the allure being shorter working hours and allowed more time for family commitments , unfortunately despite being a great venue the challenges that the mall faced with declining visitors affected most stores and Cafe Monroe closed in 2011.


Michael then went into Food & beverage consulting specializing in restaurant turnaround and turnkey operations. Sigi opened her own private label dress design studio in Sandringham. Michael successfully implemented new operational ideas at the Kosher Mi Vami, Chop and Wok and a few other restaurants’ in and around Johannesburg.


Sigi and Michael is currently launching Pizza Mike a new ‘community investor’concept in Kosher wood fired pizza, pasta and salads delivered direct to your home. No shop front, no waiters, only phone and online orders. The idea is simple, reduce the overhead keep the prices competitive and the quality unmatched. Naturally being Kosher means Pizza Mike will have a full time Kosher Supervisor overseeing their kitchen and making sure that only the highest quality food is produced. Trading hours will be from 16.30 till 21.30 Sunday to Thursday, closed Friday and Saturday


This new concept ‘virtual’ restaurant is now looking for community ‘investors ‘as the start-up fees for this type of operation while not huge are still significant. With this in mind ‘Pizza Mike’ is offering the following:

  • We would like to give you the opportunity to be part of our family business by buying Pizza vouchers. The vouchers will be in $ 25 and  $ 50  amounts. In rand terms R300 or R600.
  •  Local Johannesburg funders can redeem their vouchers over a 6 month period; overseas funders can donate their voucher to a good cause or charity such as the Jewish old age home or Yad Ahron who feed a large amount of families on a weekly basis.
  •  You can also send friends and family still in Johannesburg a pizza from anywhere in the  world by subscribing to our Go Get Funding campaign!


We aim to start in October 2015. Our funding campaign will run until Wednesday 30 September 2015 and we hope to raise $ 2750, in rand terms R30 000.

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Remember our success is your success!

Be part of the community!

Pizza Mike and the team